Relay For Life 2010


Relay For Life Troop 57
Help Dorian Business Systems Raise $2,000
Dorian Business Systems, together with Boy Scout Troop 57 of Garland, TX, have set a goal to raise $2,000 towards this year's American Cancer Society Relay for Life. We will match, dollar for dollar, what our Charms members donate, up to $1,000.
Cancer touches us all
Everyone knows someone who died, survived, or is battling cancer. Cancer has touched the Baker family, and has probably touched yours. Friends, teachers, students, parents, uncles, aunts, colleagues. Young or old, it seems that no one is immune anymore.
Cancer is not a death sentence any more!
35 years ago cancer was a death sentence. Today, thanks to the American Cancer Society, cancer is treatable and beatable. Every dollar helps, which is why we at Dorian Business Systems are asking you to help. Just one dollar from everyone using Charms will raise a significant amount of money. All of the money will go to the American Cancer Society on May 22 - our annual Relay for Life.
So skip the Starbucks one day this week and send that $5 to our troop's Relay page: Relay For Life. You'll get a different kind of buzz. $5 would be great. $10 would be better, $25 or more if the spirit moves you. No donation is too small or insignifigant.